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Why day2grow?

On the day2grow days that I have designed, I support people in finding out what is really important to them in order to take the right path professionally and privately with clarity and energy.

Who is day2grow for?


From CEO to high school graduate: Everyone who wants to develop and take the next step - even in difficult situations - successfully, meaningfully and according to his personal needs.


Couples who want to go their way together - even in difficult times - in a fulfilling, meaningful and individual way.


Defining and living the "Collective Team Genius". Teams that want to shape their development - even in challenging phases - according to the needs of the team members and the goals of the team as a win-win solution.


Customized day2grow programs for individuals and teams as part of leadership development according to the company culture.

What is day2grow for?

Each day2grow is "tailor made" for the specific questions of the participants. For example, the following topics are covered:

  1. Fundamental positioning, (re)orientation and goal setting.
  2. Clarity, motivation, self-efficacy and ability to act.
  3. Support in challenging professional situations and environments.
  4. Resolution of challenges or crises in the interaction of work and family.
  5. Clarification of critical questions in important life phases and change processes.
  6. Support in the realization of plans: goals, ways, measures and timings.
  7. Further individual topics, challenges and questions.

How does day2grow work?

How does the day proceed?

Individual day program for each participant with tailor-made 1:1 coaching and sparring. The 100% focus on just one person, as well as my proven methods from over 20 years of personnel leadership and development enable inspiration, openness, clarity and motivation for new thoughts, perspectives and the right steps.

Which topics and issues are being addressed?
  1. personality, strengths, barriers, motivation
  2. goals, wishes, meaning
  3. paths, measures, timings
Where can the day2grow take place?

In Hamburg or any other location of your choice. No matter where, the focus is always on the participant and his individual needs, concerns and challenges.

How long does the day2grow last?

A day2grow day lasts about 8 hours, not including the intensive preparation and follow-up.

How much does a day2grow cost?

The costs for a day2grow day, including preparation and follow-up, depend on you - the desired framework conditions, the location, etc. I will gladly make an individual offer for each participant.

I invest 20% of my time for people who cannot afford my offer or only partially, because personal growth and development of potential is a matter close to my heart. I also take this into account when preparing my offer and ask everyone to contact me explicitly.

I look forward to hearing from you if you are interested in a non-binding offer.

day2grow Values


About Wolfgang Kirschstein

Passion people

The development and especially the "growth" of people and organizations - privately and professionally - are my passion. The topic of "being human" has occupied and fascinated me in all its facets for many years. I have acquired various certificates as coach and sparringpartner in this field and have continually expanded my knowledge and experience. Today I live my calling with and Wolfgang Kirschstein | Executive Sparring

Over 25 years of coaching and leadership background

Over 25 years of coaching, leadership, sparring and international management experience in various "human-centered" leadership roles working for top global companies, such as Microsoft, Beiersdorf, Volkswagen, among others, but also for medium-sized companies.

Core competency trusted advisor leadership and people development: Global, digital and human-centered.
  1. Coaching, consulting and sparring of executives: strategy, positioning, communication and conflict solutions.
  2. Leadership and development of interdisciplinary teams on different continents.
  3. Expert in Digital Transformation and innovation.
  4. Strategic global marketing as well as leadership and communication of international top brands in different industries.

Trust and confidentiality are a matter of course for me and the basis of my work. Of course, I guarantee absolute discretion and will gladly sign an NDA if requested.

My inspiration: effectiveness, development and growth

It is always a special joy and motivation for me to see the effectiveness for the positive development of people my work can unfold on a small and large scale.

Children are the future

I am the father of two almost grown-up sons and live in Hamburg. Education and development of children and young people are a matter of the heart for me.

I look forward to working with you and am also available by phone or email for questions.

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